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It is worth recalling today the message of the Magdalo boys four years ago: They said: “We are not doing this because we want power or we want to destabilize our country.We are doing this because of the following major crimes of the government against our people: First, the GMA government, through the AFP leadership and Secretary Angelo Reyes, has been selling bullets and arms from the government arsenal to the MILF, Abu Sayyaf and the NPA.

Zwiększa się wygłuszenie hali przez co zmniejsza się oddziaływanie obiektu na środowisko....

It shows Babylon in the centre with the Euphrates River, mountains and a surrounding ocean.

An excellent example of this is the work of Al-Idrisi, an Arab scholar in the court of King Roger II of Sicily.

But to me, the only other applicable term is Stupidity.

Ironically, humans have the uncanny ability to over think and over talk any issue presented to them; they do so without following any intuition and almost always presume that their ideas are satisfactorily transmitted and understood by others. It presumes that one culture (ours) is foremost and universal, and that words, terms, ideas and traditions are common.

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