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Past behaviour is the best indicator of future behaviour and if your ex is harboring feelings of resentment and anger, you may need to tread carefully!

Before you begin dating after a divorce, make sure you really are single!

Click here for more information Regardless of whether you end up negotiating your divorce settlement or duking it out in litigation with your ex, these 5 critical issues need to be addressed in your separation and divorce.

Click here for more information Getting divorced means you need to turn your relationship with your ex from a romantic one into a business partnership that focuses on raising your children.

I felt like he should have just kept it quiet for at least 6 months, but he didnt want to 'betray' them.

Im in the process of getting both kids into therapy over the whole divorce(we were married for 10 years). Id really like to keep seeing the man I was beginning a great relationship with ( hes willing to wait) but I just dont know how to integrate him into my life...

Some kids will be openly sad or angry, while others may deny they have any feelings at all about it.

Yet school-age kids can be surprisingly resilient and able to adapt.

Before you get out there and risk further injury to your heart, here are some ways to tell if you’re ready for dating after divorce.Click here for more information Young children aged six to eight years often have very strong emotional responses to divorce and children need support from their parents to cope with these emotions.With these strategies, you can help your young children adjust to life after divorce.Dating after a divorce can initially be tricky, especially regarding the feelings and temperament of your ex spouse.From prior experience I can tell you that depending on how your marriage broke down and how the divorce proceedings were handled by your ex, are strong indications of how he/she will behave when you start dating again!

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