Regular expression for validating domain name Free hookups from phone

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A valid domain name must satisfy a number of requirements.

This page allows you to learn and test domain name format again those requirements. A domain name is an identification of a unique computer system on the Internet.

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The User Part: while Goyuix has stated what characters are not allowed.

To review, whenever you start up a Windows 2000 domain controller, it registers two types of names: DNS records registered by domain controllers include multiple SRV records, A records, and CNAME records identifying the domain controllers' location in a specific domain and forest.

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All you need to do is to enter a domain name in the form below and click the Start button.

This can be called as either a subroutine or a method.

You will probably be fine with that, though there are a couple of things to be aware of: First, according to this Tech Net article, the following is a list of characters that are not allowed in a username.

Here it is in Power Shell: in parenthesis to enable grouping and easy extraction of the domain or username portion of the match.

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