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Getting out of an abusive situation can be difficult.Abusers frequently use psychological tactics, threats, and coercion to keep their partners in relationships with them, and may become increasingly violent when their victims end relationships.James Patterson specializes in health and wellness topics, having written and produced material for the National Institutes of Health, the President's Cancer Panel and an Inc. He is also a former sportswriter with writing experience in basketball, baseball, softball, golf and other popular sports.Dating violence is emotional, physical or mental abuse within the bounds of a romantic or potential relationship, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime.Physical abuse may involve pushing, slapping, hitting, pulling hair, threatening with a weapon, and sexual assault including rape.Teen dating violence can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation.Abuse isn’t going to make it any easier, and in fact, there are even more obstacles to leaving an abusive partner.

Regardless of the form of abuse, it is always about the abuser's need for power and control, not the worthiness or failure of the victim.

Did you know that victims of dating violence are more at risk for drug and alcohol misuse, teen pregnancy, symptoms of depression or anxiety, and thoughts of suicide?

Help protect yourself and your friends by being aware of the warning signs of abuse in dating relationships.

Some of the most common red flags of an unhealthy or abusive relationship are a partner checking your phone or email without your permission, showing extreme jealously or insecurity, isolating you from family or friends, and telling you what to do.

If you or someone you know is experiencing digital abuse or other forms of dating violence, help is available.

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