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Fear of rejection lowers your confidence which lowers your competence. You’d know how to prevent ‘conversation stalling” and awkward silences.Stuck in a low-confidence, low-competence trap, it’s hard to muster up the courage to start a convo with a hottie. I’m going to end your lonely weekends once and for all.You get paralyzed with “approach anxiety” and can’t get yourself to go over to him and start a conversation. He takes that as a sign of disinterest and moves on. You’d know how to disarm guys who think you may be hitting on them so they’ll relax enough to have a conversation (and give you a chance to see you as a potential partner them). Right Now) starts one, you get tongue-tied, quiet, and introspective. You’d be able to start a conversation with a good-looking guy who doesn’t look interested and charm him into wanting you. You’re confused and don’t know how to “shake the tree” and get the momentum back. He seemed so interested when you first met and now his texts are one-word answers that come sporadically and take longer and longer to arrive.

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