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The one exception to this is Gwen Stacey and just looking at what happened there, it’s pretty easy to see why Parker began to gravitate toward another kind of woman.

The previous longest sequence had just four wins, a tie and a 12 draws.The duo cruised to victory in the opening match at Gleneagles in 2014, setting the tone for Europe's latest win. A reputation that only appears shakier after switching to a longer-shafted driver before last week's Tour Championship, where he hit just one of 14 fairways on Day 1.But this is the first time in golf history that the reigning gold and silver medalists are paired together. Then again, it probably would have even more odd had Mickelson, the most accomplished -- and outspoken -- player on the team, hadn't been a part of the opening session.Steve Rogers was a scrawny fine arts student growing up during the Great Depression.His alcoholic father died when Steve was a child, and his mother passed away from pneumonia after he graduated high school.

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