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I have been following your instructions and got it to recognize the DS. Reading the thread, it sounds like you can't unplug it.

It says it is updating on the actual DS system but has been updating for 4 hours.

It even has a little screenshot showing the file - with the copy icon - hanging over the Code Manager. Except, when I try to do this, I don't get the "copy" file icon, I get a black circle with a diagonal line running through it. What is so different about my Action Replay Code Manager that I can't drag and drop the firmware file onto it like Codejunkies says to?

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Skill level: Easy The Action Replay Max cheat device for Sony Play Station 2 allows users to download cheat codes and game hacks for their PS2 games.Normally a passive database copy will replay the transaction log data into the database immediately, so that the passive database copy is as up to date as possible.With a lagged database copy the administrator sets a delay on the log replay, so that the database copy “lags” behind the others in terms of the latest database changes.The only thing I've done is install the usb connection drivers (they didn't install when I installed the code manager to my comp), and then delete, from my cheat cartridge, all the useless cheats for the billions of games that I don't play.Is it some bizarre Windows 7 thing messing with the Code Manager?

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